Sex and the City Awards

Vi har det mesta för dem flesta smaker och intressen. Era nya Sexleksaker skickar vi oftast samma dag ni lägger er order, givetvis helt anonymt och diskret. Titta gärna in i vår avdelning med nyheter, där kommer alla nya artiklar från de största leverantörerna världen runt upp, så fort de kommer ut på marknaden. Vi har artiklar för både killar och tjejer.

The Sex and the City DVDs portray a show featuring four women that live and work in the city of Manhattan. They visit the best restaurants, clubs and art galleries of the city frequently. The four characters Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda have a distinct fashion style which speaks for them boldly. Their coordination, screen presence and acting have made the series nominated and won so many awards.

The famous television series Sex and the City won an array of awards like: Emmy awards, producer guild of America award, Screen Actor Awards and 24 golden globe awards. It was nominated for over 50 Emmy awards. Over its course of six seasons Sex and the City won seven of the Emmy awards. These are as follows: Two awards were won for outstanding casting for a comedy series given to Jennifer McNamara, one award was given for its costume design, the show received a trophy for outstanding comedy series for its third season in 2001. Not only this it received outstanding directing for comedy series award in 2002 for the episode “The Real Me”. Sarah Jessica Parker was given outstanding lead actress award for the episode “An American Girl in Paris”. Cynthia Nixon was given outstanding supporting actress in comedy series award for the episodes “One” and “Ick Factor”.

Not only this has the series been nominated for 24 Golden Globe Awards too. Out of these 24 nominations it won 8 of them that included: Best TV series for Music and comedy and best actress in a TV series won by Sarah Jessica Parker for three consecutive years, 2000, 2001 and 2002. It also won Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series, or Movie award which was given to Kim Cattrall and Parker.

Furthermore, it has won Screen Actors Guild awards for best actress (2000), best cast (2001) and best cast comedy (2003) award, Producers Guild of America award for best TV producer (2000,2001, 2003) for three years.

Host a “Sex and the City” Martini Party

Welcome to the big city, Manhattan, NYC.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are surely all Martini Girls. Martinis have played a big role in the TV show and movie, “Sex and the City”, since the beginning. The concoction of choice always seems to return to the Cosmopolitan, which is Carrie’s favorite drink.

So you’re thinking of hosting a “Sex and the City” Martini party? Here you’ll find everything you need to pull of an unforgettable evening of female bonding.


When decorating for a “Sex and the City” Martini Party, remember to celebrate each of the girls’ individual tastes. There should be plenty of shoes and tiny purses around, and perhaps some “I (heart) NY” stuff as well. Around your party room can be “icons” of each character, like an open laptop and lots of clothes laying around for Carrie, preppy items that only Charlotte would have (think plaid!), sexy and passionate colors for Samantha, and Miranda’s area of the party room would look professional but a bit nerdy.

Food and Drink

When planning food for your “Sex and the City” Martini Party, you may want to order in Chinese food, which is a big comfort food on the show for the girls. Other food ideas include shrimp, sushi, Mexican or any other fare from one of the New York City restaurants the girls may have been bonding in during one of the episodes. Of course, the featured drink will be Cosmopolitans, but Apple-tinis should also be offered.


It’s all about looking like you’re partying in New York City, with short skirts, tight fitting tops and shoes to die for! Guests may choose to dress as one of the characters on the show, not only the four main characters, but also any of the recurring or significant roles that have popped up during the show.

“Look Charlotte brought party favors!”

Last but not least, the party favors. They can be joke items like tampons. This comes from the episode where Miranda finds out she’s pregnant and Charlotte finds out she’s not. Charlotte brings a rather large box of tampons to brunch and slams them down on the table. Carrie then says “Look, Charlotte brought party favors.” Other ideas include any “I (heart) NY” stuff or Cosmopolitan mix.

To set the mood of your party with cool decorations and party favors, there’s lots and lots of Sex and the City [] stuff.

Have fun and when the guys show up, you can give them cool nicknames based on their individual quirks.

For everything you need for your next martini party, please visit []. There’s a free martini party planner to help you with your party.

Need some cool and sexy stuff to make your Sex and the City party one to remember? We invite you to visit our Sex and the City martini party center.

“Sex and the City” Is, Barely, More Than a Fashionable Chick Flick

Sex and the City (The Movie) – 2 Stars (Average)

Sooner of later even male movie reviewers who would normally avoid films like “Sex and the City” feel some sense of obligation to see what everyone is talking about. I had heard that if you were a male and saw this film in a theater, you would be outnumbered 20-to-1, so I opted for a Netflix fix. About halfway through Sex and the City I said to myself, “Surely, there is a story here somewhere.” For a film that was only 2 minutes short of a 2.5-hour run, it took its merry time to do anything much more than qualify as a chick flick.

Problem one may have been that Sex and the City-based on Candace Bushnell’s book-was written, directed and produced by Michael Patrick King, who wrote and directed a ton of episodes for the popular HBO television series of the same name. It is seldom, if ever, a good idea to both write and direct a film; the big screen result is littered with big egos who have tried and failed to dominate the creative process. King is no exception.

When you are trying to write about sex and love in the Big Apple and you can do no better than use bathroom humor and some out-of-place vulgarity to warm up the audience, you are courting disaster.

Focusing on someone with poop in their panties for comedy, and slinging around the f-word inappropriately, makes you wonder what King’s personal life is like. Surely there is more writing talent here than is evident in the script.

I am into relationship films and was disappointed by this one. For one thing, the reactions of the characters are exaggerated beyond reality and appeared to lack any real, meaningful depth. In too many cases, the characters were not psychologically sound, that is, they did not associate appropriately in given situations.

A better script would have netted King better acting performances. This film had some less than heady nominations like “Best Summer 2008 Blockbuster Poster” and “Best Summer Movie So Far” (are you serious, mate?), and it garnered exactly what it deserved, zero awards.

For the eye candy part of the film, we have writer Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), three-times-a-day sex machine Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), self-confessed happy mom and wife Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and uptight, self-centered attorney Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon).

When these four get together, it is just a barrel of laughs and misery. I will spare you the details of the story. Suffice to say that things pretty much work themselves out in the end.

Should you want to cozy up to a bunch of over-reactionary women who are confused about a lot of things, Sex and the City is your ticket. If nothing else, you will see a fashion show with a lot of emphasis on looks and very little on substance.

Copyright © 2009 Ed Bagley

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The Great Success of Sex and the City Series and Movies Around the World – Its Meaning for All of Us

In the movies world, both the Sex and the City series and movies are like in the shoes world Jimmy Choo Shoes, or like in the universe of jewelries Tiffany’s. That means in our universe the dream universe. With the 4 best friends of the movie- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte- we feel like our lives is changing, our fantasies get wings and all of a sudden, everything seems easier, pinker, more beautiful. So I ask myself: is this movie a successful one? And I will answer with a proper and sincere YES!

Each woman presented in the movie represents a strongly defined character, but I think that in each one of us there is a little of all of them. Do you understand me? I mean, Carrie for example is that type of girl, who would give anything for a true love, which makes you feel in the heaven. Her girly attitude is the typical attitude every girl has in some proportion and the dream of meeting the soul mate is surely the dream of all of us. Then there is Charlotte, who is dreaming of a perfect family with the priceless, loving husband and some adorable kids. At some point of our lives, we will all end up wanting the same things as Charlotte does!

Samantha, the woman who knows what is fun and who likes to break the rules, is that crazy part of us which is afraid of compromising or getting involved into something serious, which we know we would handle only with a lot of work. This is natural and is almost a necessary part of our character. Miranda gives us the image of a hard-working and ambitious woman, who wants to succeed maximally both in her career and her family life, without neglecting none of them. She is the modern woman, who wants to show to the entire world that you can have it all. And don’t we all want to show the same thing to every one?

As a conclusion, I would say that the fact that the movie represents more types of characters, which can also lead to one and complex character helped to the big success of this movie. It’s almost a paradox that there are four characters, yet it’s one; and that they are experiencing a dream world, which is also the real world if we take time to notice this. Don’t you think the same way?

Sex and the City Movie – Samantha is an Emotional Eater

Recently, I saw the Sex and the City movie. Samantha Jones is tempted by her hot new male neighbor, but for the first time in her life she’s in a committed relationship. Suddenly she gains fifteen pounds and when her concerned friends inquire about her weight gain she says, “I eat so I won’t cheat.”

Many people don’t realize that this is a very common type of emotional eating. We eat to stay faithful. When we’re overweight we believe that less people will be attracted to us and there will be less temptation to cheat. Other people use the extra weight to stay out of unhealthy relationships by making themselves less attractive. Others use the weight to keep their current romantic partner at arm’s length. Staying overweight has us avoid the work of having to set boundaries with people–something that many of us don’t know how to do (or are afraid to do).

Samantha had to learn that eating isn’t the solution. She had to accept that she wanted to cheat because she was in a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling to her and she was unwilling to put the work in to make it fulfilling.

Is there a way that you’re using your weight to be less attractive to others? Does staying overweight keep you from having to do the work of learning how to set boundaries with people? Are you stuffing in your dissatisfaction with a relationship with food?

It wasn’t until Samantha admitted to her boyfriend that she wasn’t committed to the relationship and made the steps to leave that she stopped stuffing herself. How can you stop using food to postpone learning how to set boundaries or making a decision about a relationship?